The Score


"The images are gorgeous, the voices powerful, Weatherley’s piece collects an index of the things that make a tournament special from all sides — what is feared, obsessed over, cried and cheered — and plays them back to us through a prism that renders the experience at once deeply familiar and also somehow alien."

A musical exploration of Euro 2012, scored by UNKLE, chronicling the tournament through the eyes of players and fans.

Director: Jack Weatherley
Music by UNKLE
AD: William Morris
Producer: Phil Williams
Executive Producers: Alexandre Fourtoy / Bernard Ross
Cinematography: Charlie Ponniah / August Jakobsson IKS / Sebastien Moret
Sound Recordist: Rob Entwistle
Editor: Alex Marsh
Colourists: Tom Balkwill @ Dirty Looks / Jacqueline Loran
Sound Engineer: Dugal Macdiarmid @ Wave Studios
Online Edit: Ronnie Newman @ Prime Focus